Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Inception of insults

If I lived in America I'd never get convicted for a crime, I'd get the prosecutors convicted FOR me.
Anyone else watch the democratic debate last night? Was I really the only one who thought that Hillary didn't do very well, Sanders was amazing and Jim Webb did NOT get the recognition he deserved?
First off Hillary, her ENTIRE campaign is: I'm a woman! Well good for you but don't flaunt it like this, Obama was black too but he didn't always tell it to everyone, his slogan wasn't I'm black vote for me! unlike what I really now think Hillary's is. Sanders has the HUGE problem of being something that the americans THINK they don't want because they've conditioned to hate the words that are used for it even though the principles appeal to almost every single american.
Now my little rant about Jim Webb, did he say: I don't get enough time to talk! just one too many times? Yeah he did but he had a point, Hilary and Sanders had the overWHELMING majority of screentime which is just plain unfair and when Webb made he point he was decisive and seemed VERY well educated, his military experience seems like a big plus for a nation as eternally entangled in war as America is because let's face it, they are the current big brother of the world, sadly not just in the: I'll call my big brother! but also in the 1984 sense...But twitter exploded with bad things about Jim Webb because instead of listening to the candidates points the people judge preconceived notions that cannot be beaten! There will never be a true underdog story in the american presidential campaings because the media is completely rotten and in complete control of the flow of public opinion, which is frightening in times of Twitter, Facebook and general Internet shennanigans.


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