Sunday, October 11, 2015

Marketing campaigns with grammatical errors

I'm also working on a campaign for Photoshop called "U ugly and you should own it". The own it refers to Photoshop.
There currently is a marketing campaign on tv called ImPerfect, it's also a twitter hashtag and I fucking hate it AND don't remember what it even is a campaign for which hopefully shows my complete and utter disregard for these kinds of campaigns. I get the whole idea that it's a play on imperfections being perfect but the idea loses all of it's fucking meaning the moment other words with Im, in those meaning I am, come into play that are imperfections and don't use the same fucking logic completely negating the point of the whole thing!

If you advertise with a pun or a funny joke #ImIn but the second you use bad grammar to make me look twice #ImNotMotherfuckingEntertainedAndWillActivelyAvoidYourProduct.


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