Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hans banished into a realm beyond realms

Say ... that's a nice bike ...
The panels are a closeup of the space inbetween the panels...trippy ain't it?
I've been playing a bunch of Bloodborne lately and the game is sweet as hack if very difficult, I've ALSO started watching Netflix Daredevil and it is AMAZING. I've forced myself to watch episode upon episode of Flash thinking:" this is shit right? other people notice that this is shit right?" judging from the online reviews they didn't, I've also watched episode upon episode of Gotham thinking: "There's something here, but there is also so much untapped potential." said untapped potential is inside of Daredevil, it's the series Gotham should be for better or for worse. I could see people accusing Daredevil of being very Dark knight edgey and in the wake of that series of films but to be fair Daredevil IS  similar concept in it's hero dillemmas so I say it's fair game.


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