Sunday, April 26, 2015

Decisions, mistakes and badassery

He isn't me, he was never me, what I shot was the version of myself I couldn't live with, shouldnt've tried to live with in the first place.
I know what you're all thinking, don't I always say that I try not to portray myself as too badass or as the centerpiece in the story? Well yes I used to but I had to make some drastic decisions when Philip decided to fuck me over in the ritual comic so I did and my decision was that I shouldn't hide my true colours, I've saved the world from a nuclear war before why not wear that fact proud on my chest?
In other news I watched the second Avengers movie, I'm not gonna spoil anything but it was... alright I guess? It had a bunch of problems for me, the most glaring being that it tried the whole balance between funny quips and seriousness that the ironman movies and the first Avengers movie are so well known for but in that process it managed to make Ultron look like the least menacing thing in the entire universe, he was just "the bad guy" who had his own funny quips as well, he should've just been the evil dark counterpart to the Avengers funny oneliners but instead the Avengers get their mix of emotions and so does he making him look much weaker than he did in the trailers, which were god damn amazing.

Spader's voice is still the best thing since caramel.


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