Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Clan Conflict

Family Feud Board Comic
Currently watching star trek, no time. Picture is probably small, ill exchange it later.
EDIT: Star Trek was pretty darn good, the emotional moments kind of hit me and I really enjoyed the character developement. I also watched Ironman 3 and that movie was okay too, didn't like the ending that much and I noticed how Marvel takes everything DC does and finds a childish and not thought through solution to the complex DC problem. The thing I just described becomes pretty apperent with EVERYTHING Ironman EVER does in the movieverse, he's like a fucked up version of Batman who kills people without much regret, uses his powers for whatever he wants and whenever that becomes a conundrum he just goes: meeeeh fuck it I'll just stop doing it. In Avengers he just tapped into ALL mobilephones in the world which was the biggest point in Batman The dark Knight and in this movie he goes through the whole my powers are too strong for me thing and well...he finds a childish solution



  1. The first star trek reboot or the second one?

    1. The 2nd movie reboot, which also happens to be the 2nd original movie.