Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A game's narrative vs a game's,well,game

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What is storytelling in games? Is it the story that is being told in there as a narrative structure, conveying what the maker intended you to see, you just being someone who pushes a button to make said story get along or is it the gameplay that is being played by you, the little adventures you get on that no one even intended to be adventures. There's a yoga ball in Michaels house in GTA5 and you can roll it out of your house and around on the streets and you know what? That's what GTA is all about, the little things you come up with on your own, it's running around shooting things, it's sitting on your couch watching TV, it's harbering a grudge against a random NPC on the street because you don't like their t-shirt, and then you chase them for hours and hours until you are fed up with their stupid fucking t-shirt and put a bullet through their brain. I used to feel guilty for not playing the story but rather going through the world doing random stuff but not anymore since nowadays I understand games as a medium of their own with different stylistic tools, and a different way of conveyance.
Fuck that guy's shirt.


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