Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pretty sure I've mentioned this before

If you want a challenge then play Indie games, that is just a fact of our modern gaming culture and it's never been more obvious than with Spelunky I think. Spelunky is an amazing randomly generated platformer that hates you with every pixel inside of it and it wants you to constantly die but it's oh so fun. You learn the different puzzle pieces of the game, the enemies, the traps, the shops and much more and you can put them together in your head but then comes a moment where you throw a rock at an enemy but fall down a ledge faster than the rock fell, the rock falls on you while you are standing on an ancient sacrifice table and because you get knocked out from the stone dropping straight on your head, you get sacrificed to khali. It's the kinda game that is fun despite of or maybe even because of it's challenge and if I ever play it together with my friends again in multiplayer I might have to kill someone.



  1. If you want a fair challenge, play Spelunky.
    If you want a never ending nightmare of agony and sorrow and the most painfull raging experience in which you could knock out Hulk, Chuck Norris and Godzilla at the same time, play Spelunky Coop with me and Philip.
    We are the reason why Jesus was crucified.
    He played the game with us and after that he was like:
    "Aah, f*ck that, just pin me to that hugeass cross so i don't have to suffer anymore."
    We then blamed our government, who later blamed the Jews and thats how Philip and I were responsible for the second world war.

    Greetings Maxelhead

  2. Sound like something I would do