Sunday, August 11, 2013

From a different perspective

Is that really how you perceive a romance story that someone wrote about himself and a fictional character? I mean granted most fanfictions revolve around that same principle but those stories usually make any character inside the romance story into zeus and thor at fucking once. Writing a story about yourself is admittedly weird in a way shape or form and it's ridiculously hard to show yourself in the way that you are, with bad and good but I think I did a pretty good job os it in the comicy sense that we have done here, but the question that Philip raises with this. Is it weird to portray yourself with fictional characters or in a fictional way? Even more so is it weird to make OTHERS portray you in such a way? Comissioning drawings of yourself on a unicorn with a character you made up, making sweet sweet love to one another isn't weird is it?
Of course it isn't! That'S what stories are after all, everyone who writes just splits himself up into a thousand parts and keeps reinventing himself over and over again or he uses traits from people he knows and loves and puts those into the characters, and don't even get me started on people who draw themselves with giant guns in tuxedoes and masks.
Sure I'M the weirdo.



  1. Woah Woah, back off Dude. I got it. It's your Waifu.

  2. And for all of you wondering why the hell Deniz is writing such a paragraph:

  3. You can say things against my mask and gun as much as you want. I have travelled far and seen much. Yet nothing warms my heart so much as the sight of a gun so massive that its fury makes the very world tremble.

    1. If you are wondering where my tuxedo is in the picture...
      It was casual friday when it was taken.

  4. "You have pretty cool friends" She can't be talking about me since I was gone the whole time. Feels bad man sadfrog.jpg

    On an unrelated note: Nice job on the more realistic/up-to-date version of you in the alternate ending, I also dig how it really looks like the "ferretshack" and eventhough I too kinda feel dirty now despite me having nothing to do with this comic, just wanted to point out you guys are doing great work
    Stay awesome

  5. The last part of you're (look out, grammer nazis!) writing is worth being quotated!

  6. I think I like this chick, better not turn out to be a sociopath :o