Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Character archetypes

Let me tell you something about the depiction of women and men in modern media.
Okay please put those pitchforks away, I'm going to try to be reasonable here for once!
Let us not discuss if women are treated unfairly in our modern times because that will just bring hate upon me, let's instead try and focus on how people try to get rid of that prejudice and that is the modern archetype of the male manchild and the female know-it-all and can-do-it-all.
To further argue my point we make an assumption here that is often made in modern media and that isn'T far from the truth, that being that women can do everything men can do just as well. Okay I can accept that and following from that you can deduce that men can do everything men can do just as well. That was obvious! I hear you say but bear with me here because this is an important thing to set into stone before moving on, YES men as a whole can do certain things that women as a whole can do just as well and individuals within these preset groups can do things just as well as the other individuals. SOMETIMES.  Some women CAN'T play soccer as well as men. Revolutionary and chauvinistic idea isn't it? Until you realise that what I mean is that there's women out there who are worse at sports than male proathletes, but just because I compare them to men it's suddenly egotistical and wrong of me to say this. No it fucking isn't wrong, that particular woman may be worse at this particular thing than most men are at it, that doesn't make women as a whole worse it just makes that girl bad at that thing.
For some reason we have to portray all men in media as manchildren these days and mostly in webcomics that makes the woman the loving and charming person that understands why the male characters blow shit up but they still love him for it because it makes him quirky.
I'm not going for that in Alice, she's just as batshit insane as the rest of us, maybe not in the same way but she's still fucking crazy and that's the most adult way of going about it is not making her point out how superior she is to make us realize that women are equal( which by the way is the most retarded way of doing it because you're clearly stating that you're BETTER than men and not equal so wtf?) but instead make her just another freak in the freak kingdom.


P.S.: Shout out to Patrick who may or may not be sitting in a plane right now that is headed towards fucking Japan. Yeah Japan,crazy where life leads us isn't it?

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