Sunday, May 3, 2015

Party of Awesome : Ethnic cleansing of all xenomorphs, this took me a lot of bravery to type

The Xenomorph threat is real and only "My bumbersticker is better than yours and smug about it" bumperstickers can help get rid of it!
Being half one nationality and half another is great, I think I've talked about this before, if ever your one nationality is being morally repulsive you just say: well yeah I am much more the other group anyways! It is truly a godsend. So when you say this comic is too harsh for a german to have written it well I'm turkish, screw you, I can't even be a racist!
Well alright I could be and I am but I am equally racist towards any nationality and version of a human being, it's called being a dick and it's fun most of the time.


P.S.: I might get that bumpersticker thing printed, if not as a bumpersticker than at least as a smug shirt.

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