Sunday, May 31, 2015

Collecting souls

Why doesn't he have nipples?!
Rules can be a very difficult thing, I usually follow each and every rule that is presented to me, I am even the kind of guy to read the terms and conditions of EVERYTHING so it came as quite the shock to me when I was muted on certain websites, I thought I did everything according to rules but apperentely there were sidewite rules that I hadn't noticed, because I thought the subsite rules were the most important anyone know if being flagged for spam on reddit stays forever or how I can get rid of it? I really didn't mean to spam, I just hadn't found my nieche of subreddits yet but already wanted to promote our webcomic...I'm sorry.



  1. It depends on where and why you are flagged. If you are only flagged on a certain subreddit it would be best to contact a moderator and tell him about your problem. Though keep in mind that even if you want to promote your comic you'll have to obey the rules. And the very first rule is - don`t spam.

    Interact with other redditors and try to become an active member of the community. This'll also give you a better chance at getting fans since then you're a real redditor and not some anonymous link.

    1. Thanks Derryl, I had only read the webcomics subreddits rules and thought that the subreddits were selfgoverning, turns out they weren't and now all my reddit replies don't show up for others, I'm gonna try to better myself with a new personal account though.