Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Telepathy for dummies

What if I was a telepath but I'm the only telepath and telepathy only works between telepaths? Blew your mind just there didn't I? Also the title is a Binding of Isaac joke which makes me really happy.

I've been writing a bit more recently you know, pondering different stories, starting up with a new one even though I have three unfinished ones already in my backlog, well technically two but I'll count next generation in because I could've already started with the second chapter I suppose.
I noticed that writing is hard to do or rather anything in the world is hard to do when you have access to internet, you just slack off and do other shit even though you have the time for being creative if the mood isn't 100% right you just don't do it and I need to find a good way to not procrastinate that much and just sit down and write.


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