Sunday, January 18, 2015

Narnia, Therabitia...all the same to me

I've finished shadow of mordor and am halfway through game of thrones, apperently I'm into medieval stuff recently or I just enjoy a good bit of bloodshed here and there, I don't really know yet. Both of the things just mentioned are quite good, really, I always knew I would like Game of Thrones I just never started watching it because there was so much other stuff on my to watch list and because I know it is an ongoing series still, the heartache such things cause is unbearable to me and always has been, I'm a patient man in a way and I can be very impatient when it comes to some few things. I often enjoy the ending better than the way there and tv series have caught up with my expactations on that front which I'm very happy about.


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  1. Ooh... now i get it.

    I always thought building a drivable closet and riding it down the bridge made out of yellow bricks right into the rabbit hole would make me the ruler over Fantasyland.
    I guess running against that wall at the british trainstation wasn't the best idea.

    Greetings Maxelhead

    P.S.: There is a straw... WHY YU NO USE IT?