Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monty Python

So I've been play shadow of mordor recently and it's pretty effing great! People were right in their reviews, this IS the best Assassins Creed game so far, the whole nemesis thing really gets to you and the small intro sequences when you first clash swords with one of the orcs you've been searching for give it this nice fighting game feeling, mano e orco except that e orco has like an army of dudes beside him that can get REALLY annoying.
Also AGDQ is going on right now, it's this annual thing where a bunch of speedrunners come together and shatter your childhood dreams infront of you by not just oneupping but onemillionupping any semblence of skill you thought you had in video games. It's all for charity, this year they're kicking cancers butt which is a good thing, I definetely recommend checking that out.


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