Monday, June 16, 2014

We're on a highway through hell

We're on a hiiiiighway through he-eeeeeeell. I never noticed how freakishly long Alice's hair is in the comic, I mean I reaaaaally dig long hair and I think Philip knows that but I'm pretty sure it just subconcously slipped into the comic and wasn't intentional. It's actually really funny how close Philip got to capturing the perfect dream girl for me in the comic, my writing is further from who I imagine to be my perfect soulmate than the visual representation and I just gave him instructions for a girl with long black hair(didn't specify length to the extend that it takes here) named Alice, he even put the glasses on her which, hot-diggity-damn, I love glasses.


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  1. Not, woof, digging teh new ad, woof.... oh, teh damn postman again? I'm out, RAAAAWWWWWR.........