Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gaben is comming

So there's a LOT of signs pointing to the Steamsummersale comming up tomorrow, infact, the biggest clue came today when the sale in the blue box only had a timer of 24 hours and not of 48 as it usually does. I had heard the rumors about a week ago and so I picked up my controller again and planned on playing a through games on my Ps3 as I'll probably get a shitton new games through the sale and I already have a boatload of unfinished games laying about as well as games that I haven't even started yet and what do you know, I've already finished two of them!
ASSASS Creed Revelations was kind of meh all around, yes they have the whole thing of making a franchise hanging above themselves like a cloud making every game "the same" but I'm actually okay with more of the same, my problem with Revelations was that the story didn't grip me NEARLY as much as the other games and I know it sounds mean towards the character, I really hoped they'd kill Ezio at the end of it but ...well he does die, we know that much, after all he lived hundreds of years in the past. Then I played Metal Gear solid 2 to the end and...goddamnit is this game preachy and sappy.
It had some nice innovative gameplay elements for it's time but the story? Well Kojima could've written every single Schwarzenegger movie, let's just say that much.


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