Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A lot to get through

I am supposed to talk about the comic here but we all know I'm not going to with the big E3 conferences JUST behind us and the whole thing still going on. There was a LOT of good coming from all sides at E3 but one of the biggest things for Philip and me was not mentioned in media outlets at pretty much all, namely the remake of Grim Fandango for ps4 and Psvita. I had never had the chance to play the original Grim Fandango and when lucas arts games went down we already gave Tim Schäfer a call to action in this comic and wouldn't you know it, he is actually gonna make a remake fuck YES.
I'll try not to blabber on for too long, other stuff that interested me: the crew, new assassins creed, everything Nintendo showed(honestly, I'm probably getting a Wii U after this), Bloodborne, Rainbow Six, The trailer for dead island 2(not interested in the game but the trailer was awesome) and much much more stuff, too much to list here.
The height of the entire conference was reached though when Microsoft blew a big great fuck you out to the entire crowd by basically saying: new conker game? nah, here's a lego conker set inside our new game, build your own stuff we can't be arsed. Priceless moment for me.
I still don't really see the big appeal in getting a Ps4 though, I see why I should get one over the Xbox One because : you play it better on playstation and exclusively first on ps4.(seriously they said that like a million times, i got it, you get the big elephant dlc, i don't give a shit) but I really don't see why I should upgrade from my ps3 yet, there isn't a big title that hooks me that much, then again the second they announce KH3's release date I would sell a kidney for a console to play that on anyways so I suppose I'm not the one they need to hook.


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  1. I really want the 3rd panel to be my background for...for something. You have encapsulated my secret love of dirigibles in a manner I would never have anticipated.
    Thanks again for including me in your universe; I am honored.