Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I love watching me some streams here and there and I've been noticing a loooot of patterns on Twitch and one of the biggest ones is the same thing that often happens in the fighting game community, namely: things get hyped as shit and then die out real quick. I loved playing Injustice for example and I really do believe that it is a greaaaat fighting game and the fighting game community agreed with me! The game was at evo and everything but then it sorta kinda just faded away unlike oh i don't know FRIGGIN MARVEL VS CAPCOM? The game is EVERYWHEEERE in tournaments and I personally believe that it is incredibly poorly designed as a fighting game but the community seems to disagree with me. The same thing is happening on twitch CONSTANTLY where one game just gets super hyped for a few weeks like with the stick of truth or currently the elder scrolls mmorpg(which may or may not be here to stay) and it annoys me right now because everyone seems to be streaming it. Ah well I'll get over it.


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