Sunday, April 13, 2014


When you watch all of those sitcoms and see the people sitting around, hear them talk about some random stuff you never take a step back and consider: how did we end up here? Didn't that one guy just want a decaffeinated coffee? How did they end up talking about horse vaginas?
I have all the answers in the world for you to those questions, first off, yes I watch some weird ass sitcoms where they talk about horse vaginas, deal with it and secondly it actually does sometimes just naturally flow into those directions. I always sit and hope to have deep meaningful conversations with my friends or other people but it usually has to spring from something incredibly minor, I've spent HOURS talking about complete random bullshit and ending up somewhere inbetween childhood drama and scars for life and our favourite tv shows when we were EXACTLY seven years eight months and ten days old.
In case you hadn't noticed it yet I personally am INFATUATED with the thought of family, women and other stuff like that while Philip probably considers those things here and there but isn't so utterly hung up on it and that makes conversations hilariously weird from time to time where they end up in this deadzone of human mind that is just two people trying to speak their minds about two completely different topics at the same time and it can be glorious but it can also end in two people screaming at the top of their lungs, luckily I can scream louder.


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