Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hah didn't expect that, didya? Who's robert you ask? Well fuck you too he was that guy I had a sweet ass battle with him about the best fighting game of all time, which, FIY, is Tekken.
Thank you and goodnight.


What, you want to know more about todays comic? Well there's Louis and he's actually evil and stuff and it's like a real big twist and stuff and....just wait for the rest I don't have much to talk about today.


  1. I guess I really shouldn't have looked into the dark arts back in highschool, now I am legally oblidged to perform one evil deed a month. I can rent as many HD DVDs free of charge as I want though, granted, I'm not a clever man, but my internet connection really sucked back then and who would have thought bluray would win?!

  2. I love how P & D are just watching the whole thing unfold from the couch