Sunday, February 21, 2016

Freddy Mercury and Hunter S Thompson, our idols

The Heathen Hotel might be a place I explore more in the future, I like cameos a lot.
I don't think there has ever been a year of my life without any newfound appreciation for Freddy Mercury, so much music has come and gone for me but Freddy Mercury was always a stable in my library. There is always a song I rediscover, a story I hear for the first time about the man Mercury and for the past ten years this also very much applies to Hunter S. Thompson.
Dick Cheney on the other hand is somewhat of an antithesis to me, he lies through his teeth whenever he talks whereas I tell the absolute unadulterated truth to everyone and thusly get all the votes. I'm like an intelligent version of Trump I suppose. And a better looking version. Faster, stronger, more charming...I suppose I'm nothing like Donald Trump, I'm my own superamazing being that made some great jokes in today's youtube let's play episode.Link


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