Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Physics are for nerds!

He's freeeeee falling.
It's weird how life just does things and surprises us in the smallest ways. The day before yesterday, in the night, I made myself a bowl of cereal because I like to eat them as sort of a snack, candy kinda thing, so I go to the fridge and put the milk back in after having poured it and I see the light go on and the fridge makes noise and everything seems just fine.
So yesterday morning I don't eat because I'm in a hurry, I come back home and BAM fridge is broken, but when did it happen? The light inside was still running, it was still making noise even though it was broken, so was I putting the milk in a non-cooling fridge already?
Made me wonder, sometimes we don't notice whether or not things are already broken.


P.S.:I went so deep, I can greet the molepeople.

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