Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Monkeying around

Just hanging out, hanging out, hanging out with ma family, hanging out with the corporate monkeys.
For once in my life I don't want to just utter an uneducated opinion opinion about something, I clearly don't have all the facts about the afterbirth situation as does the rest of the internet but the matter IS intriguing nonetheless, here's a rundown:
Afterbirth is a DLC for the HUGELY popular indiegame The Binding of Isaac and it's creator Edmund Mcmillen prided himself in the past on putting little eastereggs and secrets into the game that were impossibly hard to find, figuratively of course, there were always hints and nods, nudges and winks to make the audience find out eventually.
These secrets have built an immensely strong community that works together like a machine over the internet, which is always amazing to me as I'm still one of those guys who reads youtube comments.
So in afterbirth there was content missing for everyone, 120 items were advertised but only 74 were found this lead to a WILD goosechase and edmund is the kinda guy who fills his twitter with cryptic stuff just as the other guys on the dlc team did but now after a few days of people poking and proding it seems like stuff wasn't hidden it was just released later in a patch.
Reddit was and IS furious and in my opinion rightfully so but not for the right reasons in all cases, I have a problem with promissing one thing on the shopstore and then only later adding it, Early access is one thing but this is a full thing that people preordered and paid for.
The whole thing goes deeper than that of course, but I don't want to fill five pages with this, the reason I bring it up though is this, how much does a fan of content deserve? How much can a contentcreator choose what he creates after a while?
I sure as hell know my style of writing has changed because I want to appeal to more people(I am failing by the way, also tell everyone you know and love about this comic please!).

-sorry for the rant but it was one of my less emotiondriven ones so take it with a grain of sugar,D.

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