Sunday, February 1, 2015

The march of the mustaches

My internet has been acting weirdly the past week so I'd rather upload this before everything breaks and I devolve into a caveman.
I've been feeling this plotline more and more these past few weeks, writing entire months worth of content before I really had to, one of the reasons for that is just a state of mind that I've achieved over these past few weeks that honestly our comic is pretty darn good and that with a little bit of effort we could make something out of this, I like being a creative mind in a big project and I've come to realise that more and more over the past few weeks.
Then there's the second reason that kind of ties into the first but the first came before this reason it just got reignited by it and that is the movie Birdman, this movie was amazing, it jumped leaps and bounds to reach my 1 favourite movie within its about 2 hours of runtime, it was a seriously lifechanging experience and I would advise you to go check out that movie, you don't have to watch it in cinema's, there isn't really a reason to HAVE to watch it on the big screen but once you've seen it you'll want to support the people behind it which is why I feel good about watching it in cinemas and probably being it the second it comes out, maybe even in some collectors edition.


P.S.: I found this old account of ours on topwebcomics and I've been voting us up on that board just to see how it influences our sitetraffic, if you wanna you can vote us up on that list too, it'll be an interesting experiment in the least. No pressure though.


  1. What's the bridge for if they're able to fly? Is it for the trucks delivering their one true source of power, which is obviously beard wax?

    PS: I'm not a robot

    1. Not all of the mustaches can fly.
      As you can see in the last panel, only the gentleman-mustaches are actually capable to keep themselves in the air. The pornstach for example can't fly because of his non-aerodynamic design but has a great knowledge of fluids.

      I still think that this storyline is a product of Philips subconscious for suddenly being surrounded by bearded people. :D

      Greetings Maxelhead

  2. I wonder if the eyebrows will revolt next