Sunday, February 8, 2015

No drivers license

Neither Philip nor me have a driver's license and I thought I'd adress that in a sidenote in this comic.
In other news, the site got changed a little by Philip to make our social media stuffs more obvious, we'd love for you to like us on Facebook and vote for us on Topwebcomics purely in order for us to get more viewers, we have nothing to gain from it but we'd still love it.
ALSO I'd personally love for you to follow us on Twitter, I've made it my duty to be in control of our Twitter account and I think Twitter is great fun, I might feel much more incentivised to post crazy shit from my life if more people followed us there.

Tl;dr: click the buttons in the top right and use them.


P.S.: You can vote on topwebcomics daily and I'm currently scumming the shit out of that.

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