Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The everlasting irony

I should reaaaaaaally start spellchecking these more thoroughly, I've been making a BUNCH of mistakes in the past few comics. I've always wondered why Philip doesn't correct some of them but then again that's not his job and he has his head somewhere else than in the text I've written for the characters to say when he draws these, he just needs the intention in the words and what actually happens within the panels, other than that he doesn't really have to give a damn I suppose and that's fair, I should watch out more, I got it and I admit it.
The ironic part of it all is that I actually study english and I should very much know and notice these things, I even have an upcoming grammar exam tomorrow which I've been learning for these past few days yet I still make horrible horrible errors, mostly in the area of putting comas into sentences. I had to correct the text of a fellow student of mine, the text was given to me without being given the name of the writer, and I was horribly horribly mean about correcting it but looking back at it I probably fucked it up much more grammar wise and just correct the usage of words and wordorder within the sentence but made it FAR worse than it originally was in the context of what I was supposed to do(correcting the grammar).
This snobbish attitude towards people with lesser intricate conversational skills is really getting me into trouble in my university recently, I keep behaving like I'm better when in fact I just have my issues elsewhere.


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