Monday, July 7, 2014

I can't believe he drew this

[It's... mesmerising] is what Philip wrote about the first panel and well....he's kinda right. Philip wanted to do something macabre again so i wrote this, but to be honest, i had this comic in the back of my mind since the last Penny Arcade cameo comic but i thought this was too nsfw to put on here.

I'm not sure if I wasn't right about that after all.



  1. Well, I hope y'all aren`t offended by this. This is the up-toned toned-down Version of what we were actually planning to do. I wasn`t too happy with the original script by Deniz, in which the Fruit Fucker 2000 would've simply made out with the Explosm guy. But my Idea, which would've exchanged the Robot for an dead, retarded, transsexual hooker with a siamese embryo-twin ( And I could've sworn I've putten beastiality somewhere in there), was a bit too extreme for him. So we settled for the lowest common factor and went with the thing we, coincidentally, had in mind when we read "Explosm-guy making out with the Fruit Fucker".

    1. Getting skullfucked into one's eyesocket, that is.

  2. So this is not how you make out? Guess I need to apologize to a bunch of people