Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parodies of famous movie's like The Fugitive

We always dance a tightrope when we put out content for all the people to see because on the one hand you always produce something that is to YOUR likeing, you try and be as happy with the work you do and in comedy this becomes most apperent. Writing a joke can be tough and frustrating but as long as it makes you laugh how can it be a bad joke? Well turns out parody always has source material that the public may or may not know or recognise, I recently found out for example that one of my friends with whom I've played a bunch of games and even had some moderate success in team with didn't even know that Superman's homeplanet Krypton, got blown up when he was still an infant, oh spoiler alert I suppose but seriously everyone should know that, so when we write a comic like today's that is referencing a rather famous but by todays standards "old" movie then we are dangerously close to completely losing our audience in the joke, they don't get it, they don't laugh and we have less views which USUALLY is undesirable but let's face it, we aren't quite Penny Arcade now are we?


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