Sunday, March 9, 2014

I might've told this story before

I'm not sure if I told this one before but while browsing YouTube just minding my own business one day the sidebar started showing me arabic videos all of a sudden and I'm not talking one or two inbetween it just started going balistic on me giving me ONLY recomendations in foreign probably orientalic languages with mummylike bandages all around their faces and all of the clishee shit. Alright that's cool and all that stopped after a while too, I had actually found out what it was but the precise reason escapes me now, it was some movie or onlinecelebrity that was fairly well known but had like a huge cult following among middle aged arabic women so while watching that guy YouTube was showing me clips from real cheesy arabic soapoperas but NOW it started hitting real close to home with YouTube recommending me a ten minute video of a japanese man in his house just living his day alone called solitude and ending with him laying down on the floor and the lights going off to symbolize death, the fitting pianomusic that underlied the whole thing was fairly beautiful but goddamnit YouTube am I that far gone?


P.S.: If you wanna look up the pianist that made the music to solitude or the video itself the guy's name was Ryuichi Sakamoto, probably fairly well known amongst people who like this sort of classic piano intermixed with jazz bits here and there but I'm not well versed in these parts, still pretty good music.

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