Sunday, January 19, 2014

King of Hellfire

Is anyone out there? I am the only survivor of the USS Solomo, stranded on November 5th. Rations are nearly depleted, Water only a third left. Nearly no more medical supplys. I thought I saw one of my former teammates the other day. Was just a rock. Every three weeks a storm hits the shore. The smell of dead fish covers the beach for a whole week. I can feel my mind rotting between the palm trees. Saw a teammate yesterday. He thought I was a rock. I acted like a rock. He didn`t notice me. Wouldn`t want to disturb him. If anyone find my memoires: feel free to edit this post.
- I can smell infinity, Phil


  1. Oh Phil, your randomness is too much to handle xD

    1. What randomness? This is real! I am lost on an tropical island with surprisingly good internet connection. And a counterfeit office from work. Funny though, that all of my co-workers are stranded, too. Now that I think of it... seems like the whole world stranded on this island too...