Wednesday, January 1, 2014

All ya'll have a bitchin new year

I've been preachy and bitchy and whiny and sad all this year and sometimes I've been funny and witty and nice and good and I'd like to imagine that I somewhat deserved my christmas presents, that I was a nice guy and that all I have right now is not all that I deserve and with that spirit in my heart and my mind I am going to look forward into 2014 and hope that I get my share of the cake, that Philip gets his and that everyone who reads this comic, everyone who reads it in the future or the past or the present, all of those people have that in their heart, that fact that we have to set goals for ourselves and maybe,just maybe, 2014 is gonna be the year that holds the path to all of those goals, that allows us to get all that we want/deserve.

-thanks for stickin' around, D.

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