Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The day the earth stood still

So today yesterday I came across a chance, I could make something very related to a certain real world occurence, yes, you all know what I'm talking about, jesus has come back and made a videogame named GTA 5 and everyone now simultaneously has sex with it all over the world. Now I actually had an idea for a comic about it but then I thought back about ANOTHER real life occurence that I thought was funnier and more important to address and that is the live-hashtagging fad that is going around tv. If you are in america or watch a lot of american shows you know what I'm talking about, it is EVERYWHERE. While watching the new season of whose line is it anyway every minor little thing that could be made into a hashtag was made into a fucking hashtag and then it got me thinking, I almost got spoiled about some things on Breaking Bad(the best tv show ever made aight?) and I thought that it'd be hilarious but also very dickish if they did the whole livehashtagging thing with that show so while watching let's say a character says he'S pregnant and on the bottomright it just says #jesseispregnant, man as a german who doesn'T get to watch the show while it first airs that shit would piss me off,


P.S.: Jesse is not pregnant, that was just an example so I didn't have to spoil the show, calm down everyone who hasn't watched the show yet.

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  1. Yeah I'm a victim of that stuff too what with being on an island in the middle of nowhere >.>