Sunday, September 22, 2013


Yeah so I did end up writing a comic about the game but it's just so goddamn pretty! Driving around the largest city I have ever seen inside a game has just something soothing and meditative about it and I really like the characters so far.
I didn't really get far into the game yet so I can't say that much but one thing that is a huge thing in the game for me, this game was the first form of media EVER that made me go: Oh that how my father thinks? Geez now I feel slightly sorry.
Then again the kid is a downright prick and I'm not so I guess it doesn't really apply here.
So yeah the game is good, beautiful,even moreso if you consider that it runs on five+ year old hardware, and Philip and me spent the past two days just driving around the desert even though we could've gone to stripclubs and shot people in the face, it's either us(mostly Philip considering I'm not the "shooting people in the face in games" type that much) growing up or it's this game being geniunely...soothing.
Now THAT is a boxart quote that you don't expect on a GTA game.


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