Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's a fat lady that runs infront of him

Diary entry number 10000008

starfleet time: banana

I have lost all sense of time and space in this place inbetween, well, time and space and I very much fear for my sanity or how much of it I ever had. I am fairly certain that yesterday was Tuesday which makes today the rest of the end of my life. Maybe it makes today into a wednesday too I'm not entirely sure on the semantics here for I am just floating in this sort of inbetween where I do get to actually see humans but I don't seem to care for seeing them after I've seen them, you ever do that thing where you come back from someones place all alone and done for the day and you just sit down and look around the room and you think: nothing has happened the past four hours that I could recall right now. I suppose the fact of the matter is that we have lost our heroes that would make us remember time and instead we measure in quantities of tragedy. When was the last time you saved the world? Well I don't know but I remember what I did when that place with the thing was hit by...okay so maybe I don't even remember tragedies these days and maybe that's my own personal problem but you decided to read this and I decided to write this so one of us has to change his decision here and maybe that's gonna be me right in the middle of


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  1. I am incredibly disappointed with yesterdays comic. Why, you ask? Here I was looking forward to see Greg and P in another new, goofy costume and then it's just the same one from the last time. And I was already guessing what kind of silly outfit you could think of next.