Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It might also be considered a death laser

He has actually tried building a lovelaser once with a bunch of magnifying glasses and the sun on his disposal...needless to say, the ants did not instantly fall in love with him at all. Also the people that lived in the house he accidentely burned down didn't love him either...nor their insurance.



  1. I know I shouldn't have Set it on Hot Love.

  2. I like her non-chalont way of actually kinda accepting the fact that P might kill them with that laser.

    Also, why did it suddenly come out of effin' nowhere?

  3. Philip, I told you, stop borrowing my evil, satanic Lazer of mass destruction and world domination.
    I told you, stop drawing hearts on it. It won't change into an "Love Ray" just like that.
    Now, if you are done with whatever you are doing with it, i would like to have it back in my garage this evening. And please plug it in... I have plans tomorrow.

    Greetings Maxelhead

  4. She's calm through all Phil's weirdness, I think she might be the one.