Sunday, May 26, 2013


Let's just...let's just have a laugh alright? I mean...wooow Sony kicked Microsofts ASSES on the presentation front I mean I'll be honest here, some of Sony's new ideas for the console are VERY meh but Microsoft just nailed it every single time. They nailed the coffin that is. If you're a fratboy out there, congrats this console is for you, you get to watch tv and play sports games and games with guns, everyone else welcome at the Sony side of things, we got Tekken and Metal Gear.
I love how I completely disregard Nintendo in this gaming rants every single time but let's face it, Nintendo,at this point, is playing an entirely different game really. Sony and Microsoft are playing Football and Nintendo is playing...I don't even know, one of those kids games where "everyone is a winner".

I love Nintendo but...they should stop drooling all over my carpet and start writing.


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  1. Why would you create a fictional place to flee in where you slide under scottish crotches?
    Then on the other hand...why is this place full of rainbow-colours, magical shirts and a talking fox?
    Philip... I think your subconscious tries to tell you that you're gay.

    Greetings Maxelhead

    P.S.: F*ck the consoles PC can do anything... it could even cure cancer.
    But most of the time its just a huge, stationary tower of electronics making loud, weird noises while telling me to search on the internet for reasons why my internet is not working... but at least at has the potential.