Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I feel like I'm two thousand People...

Once again I had to change my subscription-only migraine medicine and... did Deniz really exist? Am I two People? Was I writing this webcomic the whole Time? My Head is humming. I feel dizzy. I can FLY. I am twothousand People. A Man and a dog. An australian. A metal Fan. Satan worshipper. A Toast. Wendigo. I am the one-who-destroys-his-headphones-often, i am a guy with a big head. A daydream belieber. A homecoming Diva I. Am. 

Godspeed, Phil


  1. I am counting several people that I know that read this blog. And the last two are lines from the Song 'Day Dream Believer' with a typo. You are the australian.