Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kick him to finally start it!

If Ron Gilbert is the father of point'n'click adventures then Tim motherflippin Schafer is the mother! His tender love making to licenses that he basically invented is legendary and it is the reason for many a laughs that Philip and I shared and Greg's entire family is based around one of Lucasarts finest games of all time so this is a match made in heaven. I think that Tim Schafer had to do with Grim Fandango but if I'm wrong Philip is gonna tear me a new one...
So please mister Schafer, at the offchance that you'll ever stumble upon this here comic/blog please be our Terminator of sweet adventure lovemaking, buy the licenses, start a Kickstarter and please make love to us through your early works once more.

-yours truly, Deniz.

P.S.: The thing last week was an april fools joke, you really think I'd give you an emotional inside?Maybe. You think Philip would though?! Hell no.

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  1. But I am already showing my emotional inside...