Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I'm good at

The big gapping difference between me and Philip is my immense lazines that makes me just give up on a lot of my ideas, not so Philip. Philip was planning on making a book out of some of our comics for a while now and while I like the idea, the past few weeks it has tied my hands quite a bit in writing these because we have few weeks left for the amount of pages that we wanted to make the book in, so I just couldn't write a lengthy story which is the best way for me to write comics. I'm terrible at singlejoke comics because they give me a week of time to write the next one every time and a storyline makes me think ahead for it. I use every deadline I get to the extreme. Mostly to waste time I suppose.


P.S.: I'm a dick sometimes with how late I write the comics...

P.P.S.: It was my Birthday, I'm twenty now, I'm old, get of mah lawn yer kids.


  1. Phil cheated with the fine print >.>

    No, I am happyly in a relationship with Fine pri--

    ...Jesus, was I really going to make that Joke? What the fuck is Wong with me. Oh wow, I need a Doctor.