Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Milkman Cometh

Fun Fact: We like to eat a candy that we call 'cancer'. It is the most artificial shit out there and will most likely give you cancer, but it tastes soooooo good.
Hey guys, Phil here. I was about to record some videos with Deniz when a literal flaming bald eagle came through his window and attacked him or something. It doesn't really matter though. What matters is that he is not here today.

But I am. And I can finally talk about some "controversial" opinions of mine. I do really, really believe that it is best to pour your Milk into the cereal bowl BEFORE you pour in the cereal. This way you get the best ratio of crispy flakes and soggy shit. Also the milk then isn't soiled by that sugary phlegm of hell. Come to think of it... I should replace the cereal with milk. This way I get to enjoy ONLY the things I like in a cereal. Milk and EVEN MORE MILK!

Lactose tolerant to the max,
- P