Sunday, November 27, 2016


Gillman the man who has gills.
So Pokemon arrived in the mail on friday ONE WEEK after it released in america. Seriously, screw you for that america! Clearly this is a fault of your nation as a whole and nothing else!

To be honest though I do wonder WHY it released a week later, I saw someone in and from america play the game on stream and they had the same language selection as us which is the only real logical argument I can find for postponing a game. I've heard someone say it's because europeans get their paychecks monthly while americans get them every two weeks, can someone confirm that? It sounds weird to me, not just that that'd be a reason to postpone a game or rather to layer the release but also the fact that americans get two paychecks a month, how bad can you people be at keeping your bankaccount in check?!


P.S.: Why do I always have to antagonize everyone?

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