Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hit and run smash app hit

Ooooh there's a kangaskhan in this dark and unobserved alleyway, better get mugged!
I really think I should be some sort of inventor, the things I have come up with for the party of awesome have been outstanding in my own, very humble, opinion.
There is a fatal flaw in my method of writing that has reared it's ugly head once again.
I leave space for interpretation, I keep the stage directions to less than minimum for several reasons
1. I think that the pictures I see in my mind while writing are the ones that my words will project into other people's brains, I always miscalculate the jumbled mess that philip calls his brain.
2. I'm lazy.
3. when I write it's more of a state of mind thing, i follow the characters around rather than telling them what to do.
Sadly, each and every time i let go of the reins too much philip forces my hand by calling the comic something offensive or, as in this one, hiding a little tiny line to summon a demon from the sixth circle of hell.


P.S.:Wait, no, just offensive name in this one, I misjudged.

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