Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Holier than though

I believe in one god less than all those christians, so they are just as universally blasphemous as I am.
There's some jokes that are just so universally used that I can't not use them, like this one today, it's a sitcom STAPLE but it still gets a laugh here and there so whatever.
The minijoke in the first two panels is a reference to the fact that there's only like 3 Taco Bell's in all of Germany so in the movie demolition man they rewrote some scenes exchanging Taco Bell with Pizza Hut. I've had several arguments about this little factoid.
I also had to research the Taco Bell prices by googling pictures of Taco Bell menus so if those are wrong feel free to tell me in the comments, I'm eager to know the prices tbh.


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