Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Microsoft's massive dick and Sony still won E3

Contrary to the name Microsoft....get it?
As a huuuuge Sony fanboy this whole Sony winning thing is getting what I would say if that was the case but goddamn this E3 just felt so good for me, Microsoft started off strooong with some nice games, and that Hololens thing that looks fucking amazing but while Microsoft gave us geordi laforge Sony gave us Bill goddamn Shatner.
So the Sony guys come out there and go: remember your dream game? It's still in development contrary to popular belief, oh that wasn't your dreamgame? Well then how about Final Fantasy 7 in HD? STILL not your dreamgame? Shenmue 3 is a thing!
Nerdpanties dropped EVERYWHERE, it truly brought a tear to my eye.


P.S.: Nintendo conference: hey we've got the same franchises but different and some even slightly worse, looking at you new metroid prime spinoff game.

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